About Us

Welcome to Saintsplay.

Saintsplay is dedicated to offering you the best service we can provide. We want your purchases to be a quick and easy. But if you require any further product information we are always happy to answer any questions or queries you may have.

Please allow us to give you an account of our company its set up.

Saintsplay was started in 2012 with a vision to offer the best, high quality adult sex toy products,  at cost-effective prices. We understand that over the last few years, the country has had to cope with the economical struggle but we also understand that adults still need to have fun. And there is nothing more fun than exploring your sexual fantasies with your partners, partner or by yourself.

This adult sex toy industry has exploded over the last 10 years or so. It is a massive part of life now. There are various online outlets and of course plenty of stores about town as well. People are more open about their sex lives and look to aid it in whichever way they feel comfortable. It is a market that we feel privilieged to be a part of. Helping people explore their sexual lives and make them more fun.

We at Saintsplay found that a lot of the cheaper items offered by other sites were very poor quality. We believed that we coudl offer better higher quality products at still competitive prices. 

At Saintsplay we dont discriminate with regards to sex toys. We provide a wide variety of products to cater for every range of sexual and adult fantasy and exploration.

When looking deeper into several categories that this expanding business offers, there are so many links to so many options. We decided we want to offer the best quality sexual aids and products we can.

Please have a look at our extensive products. If at any point you feel a particular product is overpriced and you have seen something similar or perhaps a competitor is selling the same item at a lower price, please do get in contact and let us know. We are happy to look at our prices. With many stores online, there are not options for negotiation, we can offer this.

We understand that there is huge competition in this line of business and that perhaps this niche is being overplayed at the moment. However, we offer excellent products, competitive pricing, excellent customer service and open to negotiation. 

Look forward to working with you

The Directors